Controlling MPU6050 Via I2c bus

I am a N00b when it comes to the I2c bus although I have read a lot of literature about it and have a vague understand of how it works.
I am attempting to use an MPU6050 mounted on a breakout board to control the mouse cursor through the accelerometer and gyroscope readings but I want to try and mostly only have it measure linear movement on the X and Y axis.
Any help would be fabulous.
BTW, here is the code I've been using to get the raw values from the 6050 (which is also the only code I've been able to successfully get working)

If someone could explain to me which #defines are useless and also what part of the code is the real meat and potatoes I will love you forever.

All I've really been able to do is weed out some of the #defines and changed the temp sensor to Fahrenheit. Other than that I'm lost as to what registers go to what.
I've also included the entire code if you'd like a looksy.

// Print the raw acceleration values

Serial.print(F("accel: X :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.x_accel, DEC);
Serial.print(F(" Y :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.y_accel, DEC);
Serial.print(F(" Z :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.z_accel, DEC);

// Print the raw gyro values.

Serial.print(F("gyro: X :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.x_gyro, DEC);
Serial.print(F(" Y :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.y_gyro, DEC);
Serial.print(F(" Z :"));
Serial.print(accel_t_gyro.value.z_gyro, DEC);

// The temperature sensor is -40 to +85 degrees Celsius.
// It is a signed integer.
// According to the datasheet:
// 340 per degrees Celsius, -512 at 35 degrees.
// At 0 degrees: -512 - (340 * 35) = -12412

dT = ( (double) accel_t_gyro.value.temperature + 12412.0) / 119.0;
Serial.print(dT, 3);


MPU6050_modified_Ver3.ino (31.2 KB)


Please help!!!... I beg of you!!