Controlling multi led strips from IR and web

I'm new to arduino but have been blown away by the options available at such a low cost.

I want to control each led strip 5050/ws2812b with a uno or a esp32. allowing me to use IR and some app to control the colour/patterns and such.

The lights came with controllers but i want this project to give me a goal.

Given that i picked up the arduino about a week ago i know i'm very far from my project being finished.
And am willing to learn the skils needed. But i'm not sure were to start.

So i think i'm asking what foundations i need to get to my own controller that works from both Ir and is controllable from some sort of computer based interface.

I know i sound like an idiot but if i'm still learning 4 months from now and my LEDs aren't finished i'm fine i just need to know what skills i need for the project.

Sorry i'm new to this but even the few projects i've put together like a child from the kit i got has really excited like nothing computer related in 15 years. Controlling hardware like this is a macgyver fantasy