Controlling multiple 12V network devices.

I have looked around a bunch and am gleaning some information from the other discussions but am looking for a somewhat definitive suggestion about how to go about this project. I am a programmer so I am fine with the coding side of things but am trying to get more familiar with the hardware and electronic side of micro controller projects.

What I want to do is control multiple network devices programmatically for power cycling. Each device uses a 12V 1A power adapter (routers, modems, etc). I know certain devices have restart functionality but I want to be able to just power on/off/cycle with delays or permanently with my Arduino through a Wifi or Ethernet connection. My original idea was to simply get some DC cable pigtails to patch between the power adapter and the device, and then run a relay inline, controlled by my Arduino.

My trouble is identifying the proper components for such purpose. I originally wanted a 4-8 Channel Solid State Relay but am having issues finding any that support DC loads. I believe I found appropriate mechanical relays, I was just trying to go with a quieter device. But then I saw people suggesting MOSFETs for when people mention 12V loads.

So my questions are -

Are there multiple channel SSRs that handle DC loads for something like this?

On the relays, just for clarification, I am looking for something that is at least a 12VDC 1A, and the SRD-* is the input voltage to trigger the relay, correct? Most seem to say something like 30VDC 10A SRD-05VDC, so that would potentially handle one of my devices?

Is a relay a good solution to the project, should I look into MOSFETs, or is there a better suggestion?


First the ratings you see on relays are maximum ratings. I have not come across any relays for the Arduino that are not AC/DC as far as the contacts. Many of them have the drivers built on the board so you connect the power, grounds and the control lines (outputs from the micro) and you are off and running. Gathering from your questions and how they were worded I would suggest you use the relay boards. That is the safest and most reliable not knowing what the loads look like and are the isolated etc. Yes there are multiple SSRs assemblies. Look at Opto 22 for example.