Controlling multiple exits at the same time via the browser with an arduino yun

I want to know if it possible to controll multiple outputs at the same time whit the bridge library via browser?
Wich other commands i can use to controll via bridge beside this ones:
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/digital/13 : calls digitalRead(13);
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/digital/13/1 : calls digitalWrite(13,1);
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/analog/9/123 : analogWrite(9,123);
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/analog/2 : analogRead(2);
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/mode/13/input : pinMode(13, INPUT);
http://myArduinoYun.local/arduino/mode/13/output : pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

All pins may be controlled through REST commands through your browser - format your arduino code to match what exactly you want to control. For instance, if you wanted to run a separate function, you could format your code so that http://arduino.local/arduino/function would run your function. In the bridge example, you would need to add another logic statement that evaluated the client string, and provided a path to follow afterwards. It would look something like this:

//is "function" command?
  if (command == "function")

And you would insert this after the processing command and the 'readstringuntil'. You'll need to write your own function, but you could have it control a servo, turn on/off lights, or do any of the cool functions that arduinos are capable of.

The point is this: when you send a REST command, you are actually just sending a string to your arduino code. You can design the code to do whatever you want it to do, accepting any input you want (after the http://arduino.local/arduino/). There's lots of examples out there! Go check them out!

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