Controlling multiple Led Strips with NodeMCU ESP32

I want to control three WS2812b LED Strips with 2x5m and 7.5m (5m WS2812b LED Pixel Streifen 60LEDs/m IP30 (5V) |, three CCT LED Strips with 2.5m, 1.5m and 1m (5 Meter LED Streifen 24V CCT Dual Weiss 2550-6200K 21W/M IP20, 91,86 €) and one RGBW LED Strip with 1m (not adressable; 24V)

For controlling them, I want to use 3 NodeMCU ESP32. The WS2812b Strips I want to control from one and the CCT and RGBW Strips from the other two.

For powering the NodeMCU and the 5V Strips I would use two ~200W PSUs, one for the 10m Strip and the other one for the 7.5m Strip and the NodeMCU. The 24V Strips, I want to power from a ~125W PSU, however I haven't decided yet for one.

From what I've read, I don't need a Transistor for controlling the WS2812b, but I need one for controlling the RGBW and CW/WW Channels in the other strips.
Do you know which ones you should use for that and if there is anything else needed

Please read the first topics telling how to get the best from this forum.
Please post a wiring diagram. Word sallad is not the way to tell.

I've created a circuit diagram with a few changes to the original post.
Now there are only 2 NodeMCU ESP32 and one more RGB Strip which I didn't mention before.

Google your problem one step at a time. Make three small machines and then integrate them.
For each of the transistor requirements there will be a tutorial and for all three individually there will be code.

Start by doing that on your own, if you get unexpected results post your code and pictures of your setup and people will help you with that one issue.
Once you get each of the three pieces working you can integrate them. Again, make the attempt, then ask for help when you hit a specific problem.

For an ESP (3.3 V) to WS2812 (5 V) you almost certainly do need a level converter (two gates each channel of a 74HCT14).

The Job of Level Shifting the 3.3V of the ESP32 to 5V for the WS2812b is already done with the sacrificial Pixel. With that I loose a pixel of the LED Strip, but gain the same effect as if I'd use a level converter.
Only things I'd really like to know is if there are any resistors needed, which transistors I should use and if you know good PSUs which I can use.

Really? :roll_eyes:

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