controlling multiple light with DMXsimple library

Hi all,

I’m trying to control a few lights with DMX using the Arduino.
I’d like to use the dmxsimple library which seems straightforward.

However, I don’t seem to be able to select an address for a specific light. I’ve got 2 lamps daisychained, one has address ‘1’ and the other ‘2’. They each have three channels ‘Red, Green, Blue’.

Does somebody has an idea how I can talk for example only to the first one without affecting the 2nd?
The syntax seems to be DmxSimple.write(channel,value), but no address…

any ideas are much appreciated!


Channel = Address.
If your luminaries need three channels then you need to set them (from you example) so lamp 1 is address 1 and lamp 2 is address 4.
You would need to write 3x values per lamp to set the individual RGB colour level.


Thanks for the reply!
I don't think I'm understanding this right.

My actual setup is a 5 CH moving head (I described the lamp situation for simplification).

Channel 1: Pan
Channel 2: Tilt
Channel 3: Dimmer/Shutter
Channel 4: Color
Channel 5: Gobo

The movinghead can be configured with a menu to be in the addressing range 1-512.
If I configure this address to 1, it works flawlessly:

Sending dmxSimple.write(1,255) will turn the moving head to its maximum position. Same for the other 5 channels.

I can't get it to work if I change the address to '2'. I understood (probably incorrectly) from your reply that channel 1 for the second movinghead would actually be 6. So channels 1-5 from the first movinghead would actually be 6-10 for the second one? It doesn't seem to work.

Could you clarify a bit please?

Ok got it! stupid me!

The 2nd lamp obviously has to to be setup as channel 6 (as the first 5 are in use by the first).

The 2nd lamp obviously has to to be setup as channel 6 (as the first 5 are in use by the first).

Sorry, I foolishly assumed from your first post the lamp only used 3 channels but as you have discovered if it uses more/less then you have to leave at least that amount of channels free before the start address of the next lamp.