Controlling multiple RGB LED strips + dmx out


I am building a new set of musical instruments with embedded rgb lighting for use live. I want to control 6 rgb led strips independantly (via MIDI) and i also want to be able to send dmx data out for use with venues where that is applicable.

the way i started prototyping it (with an arduino mega 2560) i use 3 PWM pins per led strip. but then i would need 18 pwm pins, 2 arduino megas.

Anybody care to share some thoughts on better solutions to this. preferably using a good old atmega 328, though I also have a teensy lying around somewhere.

I remembered seeing soe videos a while back of people controlling several rgb strips with one set of 3 pwm pins but i can't seem to find them now.



Ah found it, it was called. ShiftPWM, so i'll try that with a atmega328 to save cost and space.

I'm not a pro with the timers, but I would be surprised if ShiftPWM works with DMX. I have, however, successfully used DMX libraries with external PWM chips like the ws2801. Hope that helps.