Controlling my AMP

I would like to control my HYPEX AMP. The original volume panel is mounzed on a separate PCB and contains switches only. Bridging them enables the functions (e.g. bridging the VOL_UP switch increases volume)

My question:
How to shortcut this AMP switch? Can I use a optocoppler like the PC817 or do I need to use a REED relais?

Unless you know exactly how a circuit works, use a relay. A relay is a electrically-controlled and electrically isolated switch.

A transistor, MOSFET or opto-coupler can be used as a switch in certain applications, but there are limitations. Just one example - Transistors & MOSFETs don’t pass AC so they don’t work for switching audio signals. (You can make a solid state audio switch but it takes more than a transistor/MOSFET and it depends on the voltage & current you’re switching, etc.)

So I will order the reed relais (with a back EMF diode)

Thanks for your recommendation

So I will order the reed relais (with a back EMF diode)

Yep, would be my choice, too :slight_smile:

lg, couka