Controlling my irrigation gate

Hey folks, brand new to using Arduino, but I believe it is the solution to my long time dream of controlling my irrigation gate without being at home. Plan is to to lift(retract) and push(extend) my 2 wire linear actuator with built in stops at 6 inches with 90 minutes between open and close. I am opening(lifting a 10" irrigation gate). The linear actuator has 330 LB thrust, so plenty of power. Can I upload sketch to retract and extend only based on scheduled time from phone app or alexa? Yes I have wifi mesh network. Do I need other parts in addition to 12V DC power supply for Arduino Wifi Rev 2 and linear actuator?

What would be proper wiring if that is all I need or do I absolutely need DoubleThrow-DouplePole DTDP) switch relays? I would appreciate any assistance in creating sketch for controlling what i believe to be a really simple command. Once opened(retracted) they sketch should have a 90 minute delay the closing of the irrigation gate. If I am out of order with this request, just tell me. BASIC project is to start with linear actuator in extended position (irrigation gate closed) - open gate by retracting 6 inches (remember the actuator has built in stops) thank you for all and any assistance Matt Bell

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please post a link to the motor/controller.

if you can send a simple 5 volt signal to the gate, then you can control it easily. if you need to use a driver, or a relay, you still can control it easily.

As soon as you added WiFi, you moved the Arduino type into either a new IOT NANO style or a ESP, either 8266 or 32.

The ESP32 offers bluetooth as well as WiFi.

Lots and lots and lots of 'how-to' use your phone with an Arduino.

if you wanted, you could add lots of things, one at a time, or as a group. rain sensor to monitor how much rain happened in the growing season soil moisture sensors, 1 or many water level sensor sunlight sensor Real Time Clock ( RTC ) to open every day at 5 AM, for 90 minutes.....

the list goes as long as there are things you want to measure.

back to your original question. a DPDT relay or an H-Bridge such as an L298 or some such could be used. but the correct selection would need to be based on what signal the actuator actually needs.

"Do I need other parts in addition to 12V DC power supply for Arduino Wifi Rev 2 and linear actuator?"

If you are using wifi, then with an ESP8266 setup your project would be fairly simple. There is example web server code that would fit your project, and show the current status of the gate. The gate could be controlled both by a web page and also by another wifi board operating as a client doing the automatic timed control of the gate.