Controlling Nema 17 Stepper motor-


I'm trying to control a Nema 17 motor with an arduino uno. The issue i'm having is that the motor will smoothly rotate for about 40 degrees, and then it stutters and starts wiggling endlessly. I press the reset button and the system will do the same motion for about the same degrees of rotation. I checked the voltage readings of the motors input and three readings are always above 3V, while one is 0V. I feel this should be a good indicator of these problem. What do you all think I should check for? By the way, I'm using the MotorKnob code from arduino.


I know very little ok nothing about steppers so I can't help, but for others to answer your post you'll need to:

  • Better define your motor. Nema17 refers simply to its physical size (specifically the mounting holes), not the electrical characteristics like voltage and current
  • Provide a schematic of the circuit.... is there a driver module in there somewhere
  • Provide the code.... not everyone knows the "MotorKnob code from arduino"

Have a look at stepper motor basics.

And, as @JimboZA has said, provide links to the datasheets for your motors; tell us what stepper motor driver boards you are using and tell us what power supply you have for the motors (volts and amps).


What driver do you use to move the motor from the arduino?