Controlling oscillating frequency of anti-aliasing filter with arduino

Hello, i am very new to arduino and electronics in general so please bare with me.

I am using a peizo transducer to record vibrations when placed on a persons throat. My sampling frequency will be 9.6 Hz so to prevent aliasing i want to use a low pass filter with a cut off frequency of around 4 kHz. I am amplifying the signal before filtering.

I'm planning on using a 5th order Butterworth filter with the datasheet:

It says in the data sheet 'When using these devices for anti-aliasing or DAC post filtering, synchronise the DAC (or ADC) and the filter clocks. If the clocks are not synchronised, beat frequencies will alias into the desired pass band'.

Can i set the oscillating frequency of the low-pass filters clock with the arduino at 400 kHz? As this will create a cut off frequency 4kHz.

Also, is this what it means by synchronising the ADC and the filter?

Thanks for your help in advance.