controlling outlets via sms

i am working on a project regarding outlet control via sms..i am using gsm shield for my mode in receiving the sms..multiple outlets will be controlled..also in addition it has a default time for the outlet to turn on or off for a specific time..can anyone help me plsss..

What code have you got so far ? If it is not doing what you want then what does it do ?

i got a similar idea with the project on this link only that i would be controlling would be similar to controlling a LED connected to the output pins of the arduino..if i text 1on..then the designated LED would turn on..when i text 1off..then it would be turn adition without my text it will be turning on in a specified time..also turn off in a specific time..hope you could help me sir..

Have you got that working so that you can turn a light on and off ?

Please post the code that you are using here to make it easy to refer to, putting it in code tags (#) to make it easy to read.