Controlling pool valve for solar heating

Hi guys,

I am working on a project to build a pool control. The pump is controlled via remote socket, 2 DS18B20 for temperature control. No I stuck, how I can control the 3-way valve the beste way. It operates at 24v, there are three positions (normal, solar, close). To open or switch the valve I can use relays and just power the individual input of the valve.

The valve has a 'feedback channel' when the position is reached, so that I can switch off, of course also in 24V.

My problem is, I don't know how to 'convert' this 24V high it in the best way, so that I can use it as a Digital Input.

Thanks a lot,

Voltage divider, or if you want to be really safe, a 24V to 5V onto-isolator.

I have a question, is that 24V AC or DC? That will have an impact on the interface. A simple schematic, not a frizzy drawing would be a big help.

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