Controlling PQ-12 Micro Actuator with Arduino Mega 2560

Hello all,

So I wanted to do a prosthetic arm using Arduino, but I got stuck on how to connect the actuators to the Arduino Mega 2560. I have 5 PQ-12 micro linear Actuators and I wanted to be controlled from a MyoWare muscle sensor( which is an EMG sensor) and I want to control each individual actuator based on the EMG signal that is coming from the muscle of the arm. I also wanted a wire diagram of the whole thing.

Myoware muscle sensor

PQ-12 Actuator Ratio: 30:1 Voltage: 6V

Thank you

Are you going to build or buy the H-bridges to operate the actuators?

DO you units have the end stop switches?

Are wanting to monitor the movement using the built-in potentiometers?


Hello, I dont have an H-bridge but I am looking for one that controls 5 actuators. Most of the H-bridges controls individual actuator or 4 actuators.

I don't have end stop witches.

no, I done want to monitor the movements.

You could probably make your life a lot easier by using their off-the-shelf controller solution.

yeah it would take a lot of space and how would I connect all 5 into one Arduino.

I wanted to control all 5 of them in one board without taking up any space.