Controlling quad DC motors with NRF24l01

I'm going to control my quadcopter with two modules of NRF24L01 + PA + LNA but there is a problem.
I've found out that when I upload the reciever code on my quad's on-board arduino and while that part of recieving code is working, even if I manually set the speed of DC motors and if the transmitter NRF is working, the motors work insufficiently, seems that there are some noises on motors. I set the speed of motors on 1100 and when I deactive the recieving code or when I deactive the transmitter, the motors work normally but when the transmitter and recieving part of code are active, there is a permanent noise on motors!
I also used interrupt function in recieving code.
I'm so confused why this problem occurs!

Okey. What trouble would it take care off? How does it do it?

To be serious... Read the first topic telling how to get the best from this forum. Word sallad or novells is not a good way.
Your post lacks a lot of engineering facts.

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