Controlling RC based board with Arduino.

(Sorry if this question been posted before, i've tired searching for like 2 days with different terminology but no luck. )

Controller: Arduino Uno
Receiver (hobbyking control board v3.0): Control Board with multiply inputs for each motor. 3 Pins = 1 Signal, 2 V, 3 Gnd

My Tries:
I can control my ESC which is connected to a Brush less motor via arduino and increase the speed and decrease it using pwm.

I have this control board which stabilize a quad copter and to control the direction. Normally a rc receiver is plugged in and can be controlled by a rc remote control. I want to control it with a arduino directly connected to those pins. I don't want to use a rc receiver or transmitter.

My thoughts:
Do i have generate the rc signal? if so how can reverse engineer the signal required to generate that signal, bare in mind i have ordered a rc transmitter and receiver but i haven't received it yet.

Overall Goal:
My Pi will control the arduino which will control the control board over a 3g signal.

In your opinion have bitten off more than i can chew??

The Arduino servo library should be able to control the ESC using servo.write(). It will produce signals that are the same signals as those from an RC receiver.


Tried that, i programmed the esc to run and it does but i connect the motor to the board and connect the arduino where the rc connection is nothing happens.

Can you post your code and a diagram of the actual wiring diagram. A photo of a drawing of the wiring is fine.

And links to the specifications for the ESC you are using.

ESCs often need an arming sequence before they will work.


Sure, Ill do it asap, i mange to arm the esc using my arduino sketch which ill post tmrw. with the pics.