Controlling relays with keypad while displaying LCD info

Hello everyone!

I'm a new guy around here (although I must admit I've been lurking for a while) and new to Arduino as well. I recently took a filler course at my university on the basics of the Processing program and language which has sparked my interest in Arduino. Whenever I work on electrical projects I usually stick to analogue type stuff so I've never really been exposed to the digital side of things. I do have coding experience but this is the first time I'll need to apply it to something that matters.

Anyways, I've been requested to make a relay controller for a project and I think Arduino will definitely be the way I go from now on. I basically want to create a system using the the following components (not including the UNO): (Keypad - 12 Button) (16-Channel 12V Relay Module) (4 Digit 7 Seven Segment Display)

I'm trying to find out the most efficient way to integrate these three modules to make a relay controller. Ideally the system would run like this:

Step 1) Each relay would be assigned a number (for this case let's just say relay #1 is 01 and relay #16 is 16)

Step 2) Lets say someone wants to activate relay number 14. The person would input the digits 1 and 4 via the keypad and the numbers would show up on the display as they type.

Step 3) The person would push the * (star) key to enter the code and relay number 14 would activate.

Step 4) Let's say the person wants relay number 13 activated instead. In this case they would press the # (number) key to clear the current number and enter digits 1 and 3 via the keypad, again pushing the * (star) key to enter code activating relay number 13.

Could anyone possibly lead me in the right direction? I'm not completely clueless, so if theres any project similar to this I could reference, I could probably work off of that.

Thank you so much!


Keypad: See Relays: See (Do you need 16?? ) Display: See

So you really need 16 relays?? Maybe 8 is simpler and all can run from 5V?? Like These?

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It sounds like you're making a snack/canned drink dispensing machine. The ones where you put your money in, select which snack/drink you want by pressing the correct buttons and the requested snack/drink falls out of the bottom. Try googling for "arduino + snack dispenser" as I'm sure that someone has already done something like that.