Controlling RGB light led strips using Aurdino and ultrasonic sensors.

Hey guys i need the detailed codes for programming and the one to one assembly of my 5 pin ultrasonic sensors along with aurdino uno r3 by aurdino and breadboard. Pls tell me the whole way how could i do that as soon as possible. Pls i would be greatly thankful to him/her who would give me this setup. I would also attach his/her name along with my Mystery project when it is patent. Pls frnd help. I am a student from IXth grade.

Hi Technothelon,

I think the forum needs a better description of your project. Do you have a diagram of your setup or schematic we could see? That would greatly help us understand what you are trying to do.

What are you trying to do and what are the LEDs used for?

By guessing, I think you might be trying to measure the distance to an object using the sensor and indicate its range by changing the color of the LED.