Controlling Robot Using Xbox 360 controller

Hey everyone,

I am creating a robot using the arduino mega and I would like to be able to control said robots movements using a xbox 360 controller (wired or wireless doesn’t matter). First off, I was wondering if this was possible and if it is, I was wondering if people could give me a quick run through of how it would be done.

Here is the basic description of the robot:

The robot is a self balancing, two-wheeled robot. It will be using 4 CIM motors. The brains of the robot is the arduino mega board. I’d like the controller to be able to conrol the robots movements, forward, backward, left, and right and also control some autonomous routines.

Thanks for the help!

Has your controller got USB because then you could use the USB shield if it is compatible with the arduino mega. Look at this Tutorial:

The code should be similar. Hope I could help you.