Can someone supply me with basic projects to come up with a solution in controlling my robotic arm through ethernet and arduino. The fact is im still new to Arduino, much more with the Ethernet shield, can i ask for the help of great minds this forum, to solve my problem?

If you could help me with the basics that would be nice too.

If you could post details of what you have and what you want to do, that would help immensely.

okay sir. What i want to happen is to control my robotic arm through ethernet, for example by using a wireless router. I would like to ask if i could control it through my push button controller or can i control it through my laptop.

I hope somebody helps me, because im still new at this.

Yes, you've said that,but we're still detail-deficient.

Start basic with a robot arm and an Arduino. If you can get it to operate using serial monitor, you can then learn to add Ethernet control.

Look at this list.

chipopo: I hope somebody helps me, because im still new at this.

If you don't post any details obout your "robotic arm", how do you expect anybody to help you with it? Very few mind readers in the forum.

Very few mind readers in the forum.

I predicted you were going to say that.

Im sorry. My 5 DOF Robotic arm uses servo motors to function, I controlled it once through PIC16F84A, but now we need it to work via ethernet specifically through wireless

Lot of previous "wireless" post in the forum. To see them you can go to the below google advanced page, put the bottom forum link in the "site or domain" box,and then enter your key search words in the top box.