Controlling Segway Generation I motors

I have two segway generation 1 motors I’d like to control with an arduino Uno, Mega, Pro-mini whatever. I know a little about motor controllers (OSMC motor controllers and Syren 50A motor controllers).
I’m having trouble identifying them first off. These motors have six magnets/coils each so are these 3 phase DC motors or 6 phase? They have six hall effect sensors as well for feedback. The next step would be to find a motor controller I could drive these with.

the motor itself

the back of the motor with circuit board off

the circuit board with hall effect sensors

after continuity test with ohm meter I found the magnets apply to which nodes

i think these are 3 phase stepper motors but not sure. I would like to find a motor driver to buy but not totally against building my own if there’s a schematic. Any help appreciated.





I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Segway has two entirely separate sets of windings in each motor controlled by separate electronics - thus if any winding or any controller dies the other can take over immediately. So 6 windings may be two sets of 3.

Yea I remember that too. Not sure how that redundancy scenario would work with this motor. There doesn't seem to be anything mysterious about this motor-I've applied 12 volts to one of the six coils and the motor twitched hard, went to a certain position and stayed there. Then I applied 12volts to the opposite coil and the shaft was energized but didn't move. All seems normal. I just new to drive the motor given what I know now though.