Controlling servo and steppers at the same time

Hi all,

Im trying to figure out if it’s possible to use this Yamaha single-axis unit as the z-axis on my CNC machine. The x, and y axis are operational, and are using nema 34s. But this Yamaha single-axis has a servo motor built into it. I don’t have the driver or controller for it either, which I think it needs both to operate. I dont know too much more about it other than that. I found a specification of the Yamaha unit online which will be attached.

also, my machine is running marlin firmware.

So if anyone has any input on helping me getting this thing wired, powered, and programmed that would really put me on a whole other level.

20200107_184329.pdf (196 KB)

I don’t think that is the sort of “servo” that is normally used with Arduino Servo library. I think it is an industrial servo that needs its own controller and the datasheet for the controller is what you need to provide a link to. It looks as if the controller RDV-X205-RBR1 takes a pulse-train input so it is probably controlled like a stepper motor driver.