controlling servo & led with bluetooth

hi everyone, can you please tell me what is wrong in code, i am trying to contol 1 led and 1 servo via mit app…but only led is working & servo is not working, i am using arduino uno.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h> // TX RX software library for bluetooth

#include <Servo.h> // servo library 
Servo myservo; // servo name

int bluetoothTx = 10; // bluetooth tx to 10 pin
int bluetoothRx = 11; // bluetooth rx to 11 pin

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(bluetoothTx, bluetoothRx);

void setup()
    pinMode(13,OUTPUT);// attach servo signal wire to pin 9
  //Setup usb serial connection to computer

  //Setup Bluetooth serial connection to android

void loop()
  //Read from bluetooth and write to usb serial
  if(bluetooth.available()> 0 ) // receive number from bluetooth
    char data =;
    if (data == 'a')
    else if(data == 'b')
    int servopos =; // save the received number to servopos
    Serial.println(servopos); // serial print servopos current number received from bluetooth
    myservo.write(servopos); // roate the servo the angle received from the android app


What servo? How is it connected and powered? Does it do anything at all?

You have Serial print in there so what values are you seeing for servopos?