Controlling servos for railroad layout

Hello everyone!!!
I'm from Argentina and newbie in Arduino's world and this community, so if this post is not in the correct place, please move it to the proper place.

I like to use my Arduino Mega to move railroad's turnout using RC servos so I like to know...
How many RC servos the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 can handle?
Each servo will have to turn on/off a led indicating his position, it could do that?


well with a mega itself, as long as the servos source their power somewhere other then the arduino, a megas got 11 PWM driving pins.
If you get an external PWM driver chip however, you can run any number. As far as the LEDs, assuming you used the 11 pins for PWM, then you've got 30 some odd digital pins at the bottom to use. And you can also use regular shift registers to easily drive LEDs so in that regard you can also have several more then you have arduino pins. However for the LEDs, if you try to run them straight off the arduino, then you might run into the problem of pulling too much power through the board, and possibly breaking things.

If you know how many servos your planning on using, could probably be a bit more helpful with the setup.

The Servo library can handle 48 servos on the Arduino Mega,