Controlling Servo's With An Arduino Uno

Is it possible to make a voice controlled servo system with an arduino uno?

I need the system to work by voice, like with a mic? like on the arduino or near it.

I also need the system to work on cell phones over the internet, not voice thru the phone tho, i'd like to make a button app.

Are there any links you guys know of that would help someone getting started with voice controlled servos? and the phone app?

Any help would be appreciate! :slight_smile:

Hi DirkDirk,

Two comments: (1) the Arduino is not powerful enough and will not be capable of voice recognition so you won't be able to give it verbal commands like "turn on" or "go to 90 degrees."

(2) Adafruit has a Bluetooth product that works with an iPhone App you might want to look into. Search for their Bluefruit BLE feather.


I think I have seen a voice recognition module that can be connected to an Arduino mentioned in some other Threads.


You can get voice input by adding the $50 "EasyVR Shield 3.0": EasyVR 3 Plus Shield for Arduino - COM-15453 - SparkFun Electronics It can recognize 26 built-in speaker independent (SI) commands and up to 32 user-defined Speaker Dependent (SD) commands.