Controlling smart trainer with Arduino Blue Tooth module

Any idea how i should go about controlling my Kicker smart trainer with an Arduino and blue tooth module. How would i determine what signal ot needs to change the resistance?

You probably need to provide a lot of info about the "Kicker smart trainer" and specifically what you want to do using an ardino.

All i know about the Smart Trainer is that it can be controlled either using Blue Tooth or Ant+. It is a Whahoo Kicker. Currently I have the Kicker App on my phone and with that I can set the resistance via Blue Tooth. I want to use Arduino to vary the resistance and create a varied work out in that way. Say easy(light resistance) for 5 minutes and then hard for 30 seconds. Repeat this for say 10 times. Also be able to vary the hard sections to a certain wattage. My Garmin Edge 520 can also change the resistance but to one specific resitance during a work out

I have red as mutch as i can find on BT and Arduino today. Can set up module as A Master. But can find nothing on resding a BT dignal. Was hoping to be abke to read the dignal the spp or the Edge is sending when changing the resistance on the smart trainer

But can find nothing on resding a BT dignal.

I don't know what resding means.

Unless the manufacturer is sharing the commands, how are you going to know what to send?

After taking a quick glance at Wahoo Fitness, I am going to say this is something not doable with the Arduino. Just because the device has Bluetooth does NOT mean it is easy.


  1. typo - reading
  2. there are quite a few apps (Zwift) being one that is able to use your phone or laptop’s blue tooth to control the resistance of the smart trainer. I was hoping to first create a device that can read the signal that is sent to the ST and then I know what to type of signal to recreate with the Arduino to control the ST