Controlling solenoids.

Hello my friends. I am new in this of arduino and my knowledge about this is very small. Im in other field. Thanks to all the ones who took the time to check this question.
So here is the deal I have a arduino uno board. And I want to control 25 solenoids that would be independent. Meaning each one will receive an independent signal activated by midi frequencies. By saying this this are my questions:
1 Is their any free software I can get to control the solenoids?
2 Do I need more than this card?
3 I thought in using a computer power supply so I can send the require voltage to each solenoid separate .
4 Are any free diagrams of how to connect the solenoids to the card/cards??

Thanks a lot I really need this for a college project and I am dry in cash.

Free software? Depends on what you want to do so probably not.

25 outputs? You will need drivers as you cannot connect directly to the Arduino pins. Uno does not have enough outputs to do so directly.

Connection diagram? Depends on what you use to drive them.

Basically we need more information on what you want to do.