Controlling sounds via accelerometer; feasible?

Hey! I’m considering buying one of these Somo-14d ( sound modules, but before I do, I wanted to ask a few questions. Basically, would I be able to control this without analog input (buttons, switches, etc) and instead control it via digital pins? What I’m ultimately wanting is to hook this up to an accelerometer and have certain values on the (x,y) axis set to certain sounds (dog bark, bird chip, car horn, you get the idea) from the sound module, so that by turning, moving, etc, the accelerometer, different sounds can be played (max. 4 or 5 sounds). Also, would it be possible to overlap sounds? Thanks in advance!

Here are some spec sheets on the board:

the accelerometer part definitely, thats just a matter of programming, the overlap part i do not know

Only one sound-file play at a time, no overlapping. Everything else will works with arduino reading accelerometer and interfacing command to player