Controlling Speakers, Motors, and Lights with Arduino

Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to Arduino, but have just embarked on a rather complicated project that will involve syncing motor movements and lights with audio. Specifically, we will need to control 3 automatic blinds (similar to this project) and 2 large speakers, as well as output DMX, alongside an audio track.

What would be the best way to go about doing this? Which Arduino board is best? What speakers and motors would work well? What other hardware (drivers, resistors, etc.) would be necessary?

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the novice question!

Start with the audio. Are there certain tones embedded in the audio to identify what to do and when?

Start with something You have some more confidence in.

Hi @Paul_KD7HB,
The audio will be looped, and the two actions need to take place at a set time (:25 seconds in and 2:30 in). Although there may be distinct tones, I imagine it may be easier to set a timer and execute based off that? FWIW, the two actions are slowly dimming the lights and closing the blinds at :25, and brightening the lights and opening the blinds at 2:30. Thanks!

Seems most of what you are suggesting has still not reached the design stage. You need to detail your sound processing and document the key parameters that will cause your action.
With timers, you still need start and end triggers.

A block diagram - not a schematic yet, that brings all the elements together.

Sensors, drivers, motors, processor, power supplies etc.

Then you can determine what’s needed to bring it together.

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