controlling speed of grundfos upm3


I'm planning some automation for my solar panels, with electrovalves to divert the flux to an heat exchanger to heat the pool as well.

I will need to add a new pump to the system, the one I currently have is a grundfos UPM3 25-75 180 60 W, and I'll need a similar one, to control with the PWM pins. and my arduino will need to control two of them, regulating the speed according to the feedback of a thermometer.

I'm not sure how to get the electronics to control it. can someone help me out to the electronics or to a resource where I could learn about it?


Post links to both pump's user's manuals.

Thanks for the reply,

The pump is really only one at the moment, I'm seriously thinking to get the same model for the other circuit

Here's the manual.

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