Controlling Stepper Motor Speed with Ableton's Arduino connection kit

Hey everyone.

I am looking to develop a program which utilises Ableton's (a digital audio workstation) Arduino connection kit (which needs Standard Firmata uploaded to the arduino) to control the speed of a stepper motor in real time.

The aim is to control the speed of the stepper motor with the amplitude of an audio file playing in real time.

Before I embark on this is anyone able to advise on the feasability of this project? I feel like it could be done with two arduinos - one to read from Ableton, then sending the PWM signal from a Digital PWM PIN to another Arduino with the Stepper attached.

Look forward to hearing any advice you may have!


I have no clue what you are proposing, BUT, your unknown stepper motor will require a controller built specifically for stepper motors. The controller requires a direction signal from the Arduino and a very short pulse, never a PWM signal, to command a step from the motor.

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