controlling stepper step with key pad

please give me a idea how to change the step to run stepper motor with keypad


  1. Plan what keys you will use with what function to control the stepper
  2. Read the key(s) and trigger the associated function to move the stepper fdw/bkw, slow/fast, stop ..


  • What knowledge do you have in electronics and dealing with stepper motors?
  • Do you have a motor driver? What type?
  • Do you have a stepper? What type?

i have easy drive max 2A and nema stepper motor
i want change the steps like if we think we want to run stepper 1000 steps, i want change this 1000 value with using keypad and set the value with #

You need to slice your project in easy little steps, starting with

  1. You should get used how to set up a stepper motor and adjust its speed and direction
  2. How to read a keypad and how to display the result either on an LCD display or in the serial monitor

To start with 1.:

nema stepper motor

  • What is the exact type? You need to identify the max. current which then has to be adjusted on the easy driver.
  • Do you know how to wire the driver and motor?
  • What about external power supply?

If you are using an Easydriver you will find the AccelStepper library much more suitable. The standard stepper library is not intended for drivers that take step and direction signals.

Indeed with the Easydriver it is very easy to control a stepper motor without any library. Have a look at the examples in this Simple Stepper Code

Stepper Motor Basics

If you want to be helped, pls answer my reply #1

please help me can you give me hint to do this like example code

please help me can you give me hint to do this like example code

Here's the forum for people who want other people to do things for them

Without knowing more about your configuration, devices details etc. there is only a walking in the dark and you can't expect having somebody here wasting time in guessing around. If you want to be assisted, get up and answer the first questions.

You will have to catch the fish, while supporters will help you to learn how to fish.

please help me can you give me hint to do this like example code

I thought I did in Reply #4 - have you tried it?