Controlling the AD5254 10k Potentiometer with I2C

Hello Arduino-Forum.

I want to control the AD5254 Potentiometer parallel so that my maximum resistance is 2,5kOhm.

I am controlling the potentiometer with another potentiometer where i can regulate 5V, so it works in percent.. like

0V ........... 0% 2.5V ........... 50% 5V ........... 100%

The basic program is working with the Wire.h Library but i sadly have no idea how i control it, like when i have 42% or 63% .. how is the value (0-255 steps) calculated?

I would really be happy, if somebody can help me!

Did you read the sticky post at the top of the forum? If you had you’d know that you should post a wiring diagram to get us informed about how your hardware looks like. You should have posted also the code that you currently use for your experiments.