Controlling the QBrain with a Arduino Mega

I'm trying to program a QBrain ESC which takes a PWM speed, I'm unable to control the speeds or get the QBrain to start correctly, it keeps entering programmer mode which the solution is to reverse the transmission channel... if only I was using a Flight Controller with a normal transmitter. I was told from HobbyKing to lower the PWM frequency to below 400 with a wave length of 900us for 0%. I lowered the frequency, but I have no idea what the wave length is suppose to mean and how to set it.

It is the Arduino Mega I'm using PWM pins 3 5 6 7

Why not just use the Servo library?

I'm trying too, but it's not working

OK, let us know how you get on.

After reading more about the servo, it it would appear that 0 speed is a value of 90, would that mean because I'm using the value 0 I'm setting it at Max in reverse so when it asks me to reverse the channel it want's it in the range of 90 - 180 and 90 being the lowest?

The ESC and Arduino needed a common ground, now it works and I have the war wounds to prove it.

Could you tell how exactly you got them to work?
Did you change pwm frequency?
It says that changing pwm frequency might cause problems with delay and millis functions. I really need those functions so I dont really know what to do.

You don't need to change anything to drive standard r/c gear.