Controlling three phase 16amp heater element

Does anyone have a suggestion for a random fire ssr (24-100amp) for controlling a 3phase 16amp resistive heater element? I did some looking on ebay but did not find any that were well documented or designated "random fire".

Try usin burst fire as a search term or zero crossing

If you really mean random fire ebay not the place.

Look for something very expensive with a big heatsink from commercial suppliers

100a three phase random fire , not much change from 1000 i would expect.

I think you need to be careful with you search terms.

100 a three phase can be for motor control which implies an inductive load and multiplies the price.

A resistive load implies heating.

Burst fire rather than random fire is the norm there.

If its heating then google on kiln controller they should be under 300.

Yea Crydom uses the term "instantaneous turn-on" . I think I'm gonna go with three cwd2450-10 SSRs

Tahe a look at this thread.

For not a lot more than the three devices you mentioned, a ul certified controller can be had which does a lot of the donkey work for you