Controlling TV with Arduino

Hello there,

I have a question regarding controlling displays with arduino. I have a samsung T.V with multiple HDMI

inputs and I'm planning to capture the signal from my RC. The thing is when I press the HDMI button in my

RC, it gives me then which HDMI to choose and I only need my Arduino to switch to HDMI input 2.

My question is, is it possible to capture the signals by order to switch to HDMI 2 only?

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These codes are all over. No need to capture them.

wzaggle: These codes are all over. No need to capture them.

Thank you for your reply @wzaggle,

I'm planning to connect a relay to arduino so that when it is triggered, it will immediately switch the T.V to HDMI input 2.

Yes, it's possible to capture the button codes. Most of the Samsung Tvs use NEC infrared protocol. So, you will have no problems getting and regenerating the codes.

IRremote library, or any other infrared library will do it. You need an IR receiver IC like TSOP...


I don't understand why you need the relay. Just capture the key codes in sequence, then renegerate them whenever you need.