controlling two motors with rotary encoder through internet

hi everyone...

I am Eliakim Titus doing a final year school project...

I want to control the dish position with two stepper motors and a rotary encoder using serial monitor control.

what I want to know is..can I control two stepper motors with a rotary encoder through internet using arduino uno rev3 + arduino Ethernet shield using serial monitor control to position the satellite dish on an accurate position ?

to monitor whether the dish is properly aligned I can use a gsm commander connected to a decoder say one service, when the decoder connected to the dish receives a signal it will lock and output audio to the gsm commander then send an sms..

please your assistance will be highly appreciated.. thanks..

Yes, that would be possible with an Arduino.

First learn how to control the dish with the steppers directly, then add the internet connection.

thanks very much jremington ...will try that

You will need to consider how to deal with the situation where the internet connection fails or is unexpectedly slow.

What is the distance between the dish and the person doing the controlling?