controlling two stepper motor

Good Morning

I am a beginner with computers, but I have a project that takes me to turn to electronics
I desire to control two stepper motors bipolar!
I find a way to control a single stepper motor following a pattern that I find on this site!
but how do you control two stepper motor.

the main purpose is to move a camera vertically and horizontally with two stepper motor.

here is the diagram of the assembly I used:

You use two motor controllers. The software side will get more complex, is that your problem?

The Thread stepper motor basics may be helpful.

The motor will be easier to manage with a specialized stepper motor driver board that just needs step and direction inputs from the Arduino.



I’m working on a similar project, but to control an antenna ( wireless tracking system).
Not as you with bipolar stepper, but with 2 unipolar Stepper. A mitsumi 5v, and a 28BYJ-48.
I use a uln2803 ( you can find a lot of schematics with uln2003, uln2803 have more input and outputs ) to drive the steppers, and 6 push button. UP-DOWN, LEFT-RIGHT, mark position 0 for left-right, and back to pos 0. It’s working at this time manually.
Next will be add a 74hc595 to use less wiring, read wireless signal from serial connection and move the antenna to follow the best signal quality.

My code in attachment, not a great code, but it’s working with my limited skill of programming. (1.44 KB)