Controlling two stepper motors, one at a time, following user input

Hello everyone,

I am working on a time-sensitive project that I need help with. I'm quite new to Arduino, I've looked through things online to help but I haven't yet found anything that could help me.

So far, I've changed up some things that I found via NorwegianCreations:

I used his set-up and changed up his code (my changed code is attached) and I'm able to move my one motor perfectly fine.

I'd like to incorporate a second stepper without largely changing the connections that are shown (in the photo attached), and it's important that I'm able to use the serial monitor to similarly control each movement of the 2nd motor, too (similar to the manner in which I control this only motor at the moment).

Essentially, I need help knowing how to incorporate a second motor (what connections to make in the hardware) and how to incorporate the control of both motors in a manner similar to the way that I've set up for this singular one.

I appreciate the help!

(my changed code is attached)
(in the photo attached)

Not seeing any attachments though :frowning:

You will need two stepper drivers, each set up with their own unique direction, step and motor enable pins on the Arduino.

For control over serial monitor, see Robin's Serial communications basics: Serial Input Basics - updated - Introductory Tutorials - Arduino Forum
Serial Input Basics - updated - Introductory Tutorials - Arduino Forum