Controlling two steppers in sync along the X axis


I am looking into an application that requires driving two steppers along the X axis at the same speed and same time. I Currently have two Nema 23 motors selected rated at ~3A each.

My question is, can I connect both of these motors to a single driver? If so, would a 6A driver be efficient for this?

What about using separate drivers for each motor? Would there be an advantage to that?

Also looking into a power supply that could supply my drivers/motors and the arduino.


If you are connecting 2 motors to a single driver they must be connected in series and then the current requirement will remain at 3 amps. However you may need a higher supply voltage - within the limits acceptable to the stepper driver.

If you use two stepper drivers you could connect their step and direction pins to the same Arduino I/O pins.

In both cases I am assuming that there is no risk of the motors being physically out of step because if that is a possibility then they must be controlled separately so they can be zeroed separately.

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