controlling zoom camera with arduino

I have a CV422HZ analogue camera with 22x zoom lens.
the zoom is controlable by OSD and RS485
does anybody know how to control the zoom with arduino?
thanks in advance
diego diaz

You'll need an RS485 adapter for a start.

I can't find a manual for this device online - does the manual that came with it have the control protocol?

Is it anything like Sony LANC?

unfortunatly the camera doesn't come with the protocol.
I asked to the shop where I got it but they dont know, provable its uses Pelco. But they are not sure.

hi I just know that this camera uses Pelco-P and Pelco-D protocols.
so know I will try to control it with arduino... I will post more info when I will get it working.

Looks fairly straightforward - good luck, and let us know how you got on.

I really need help with this. I see the pdf's online for the protcol. I just need help in actually transmitting the data. I am using a Mega for my senior design submarine and the camera is the only thng I don't have working.

say i want to send
Byte 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
A0 02 00 04 00 1F AF 19

How would I do this? Does anyone have any code for this?

byte ser_buff[9];

// code that loads the command string into ser_buff

Serial.write(ser_buff, 9);

Here is the new problem. I am following the documentation and I used the above code. The problem is it is unreliable. The camera at first did nothing but after about 2 minutes it starting turning the direction told it. I reset it and tried it again and it didn't work after 3 minutes. it is like they are not synched up. The baud rates are the same. One other thing I have a controller that is big and bulky but it works and when I put it on an osciloscope the output data did not match the protocol even though it was set for that protcol and the camera was as well and it worked fine. Should I match my arduino to the osciloscope?


Should I match my arduino to the osciloscope?

Hmmm... Old controller works. Arduino doesn't. There's a hint in there somewhere...

Pelco-D and Pelco-P are significantly different. Is the first byte in the packets you see on the scope a FF (Pelco-D) or an A0 (Pelco-P)?