Controllino MEGA with Festo CMMO-ST-LK

Hi all,

This post is a copy-paste from my post at the controllino forum. I hope more people will be able to help me on this forum. The controllino MEGA is basically a mega2560 with 24volt outputs and inputs. (website: Thanks in advance!


Does someone has a example code for communicating with a Festo CMMO-ST-LK via modbus? I've studied the datasheets for a long time, only to find out that I don't know enough about this topic :roll_eyes: . I've seen the example code for communicating over Modbus, but until now I only had to bother with regular stepper drivers which just require a step and direction. Could someone with experience with Modbus point me to some sort of table for the commands for this specific driver? Or even better, write a short example code?

Link to datasheet: ... &q=1512320