Controllino MINI wont go - edit-new problem-dig out pins messed up

So, here i am, a total -NOOB for electronics, with big problem, so if someone would be so kind to help.

I bought controllino MINI, arduino based PLC, and now in need of help.

So, everything is connected. I am trying to start with simple blink program. Did all as instructions said but.. nothing happens. Upload via usb goes ok, no errors reported, but on pin0 digital output, when i take multimeter and measure current from pin0 to ground, (it should be high 24v for 5 sec duration ) there is nothing , just 1,2v. Any suggestions on what to do?

EDIT: i finnaly managed to start the damn thing, but there is another problem, ofar i tried controllino_d7 and then it sends output on d3, d6 and sends on d2 d5 and sends on d1 d4 goes to d0 d3 does nothing d2 does nothing d1 does nothing d0 does nothing So i dont know, is this a software issue or hardware fault. Could this be arduino IDE problem?

kindly asking for any help and sugestions…