Controllino usb power

HI, I have a CONTROLLINO MEGA, powered externally at 24 vdc,
CONTROLLINO it is connected to a bananapi where OPENPLC runs,
the bananapi has a battery that acts as ups for a controlled shutdown ..
the problem I have is that when I turn off everything they CONTROLLINO
remains powered by the bananapi battery which continues to power the usb ports
of the bananapi and thus drains the battery .. how do i solve this problem ..
can you kindly help me

I assume you are talking about a Banana pi. You will probably have to modify the circuit. Post a schematic of the power section, not a frizzy drawing with links to technical info on the hardware devices.

I tried to check the power of the usb cable that feeds them check ... by cutting the + and passing it for a relay .. but the interference often blocks the process .. with the original cable without interruptions it works regularly .... instead with the cable modified usb often crashes ..

you may check the addition of a diode to decouple both energy systems.

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