Conversion data

Hello everybody.
I have a scenario where I receive a float data from a device via MODBUS and then perform the following conversion:

  uint32_t combinedValues;
  float f;
      node.readInputRegisters(500, 2);  //Getting data from device, 2 registers.

      combinedValues = (uint32_t)node.getResponseBuffer(0x00) << 16 | node.getResponseBuffer(0x01);
      f  = *(float*)&combinedValues;  //float value here

Now I need to do it in reverse. Through a given a float value I convert to two records of the same format.

Could someone tell me how to do it?


If you use a union with that data structure, you can freely write and read from either data without considering actions such as conversion.

union {
  float f;
  unsigned int data[2];
} combinedValues;

You can also assign each data and retrieve it with a float.

  node.readInputRegisters(500, 2); // read data[1] = node.getResponseBuffer(0x00); //[0] = node.getResponseBuffer(0x01); // set with data[] 
  Serial.println(combinedValues.f, 5); // use with float

You can also assign with a float and retrieve each data.

  combinedValues.f = 1.2345; // set with float
  Serial.println([1], HEX); //
  Serial.println([0], HEX); // use with data[]

EDIT: Fix endianness.
I wrote Serial.println() because I didn't know how to use the data with your program.

Exactly what I needed.

Thank you very much!

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