Convert 3.3v into ampere

Hi everyone.
I recently bought an RF24L01 radio module to connect it with my arduino esplora.
Sadly the Esplora has the 5v power only, and the module requires no more than 3.3v.
How can I convert these 3.3v into ampere to apply the Ohm's theory?

I also have this chip

Is this any useful? If so, how do I have to connect it to the Esplora and the Radio module?


The level converter is for signals, not power. I use LM1117 3.3V voltage regulators to convert 5V to 3.3V to power my RF24 radios. Those regulators provide plenty of current for the radios. Do not forget the required cap on the input side of the regulator.

Is it possible to do this with resistors? And what is the difference between Signals and Power?
Also that chip has 4 channels for signals and 1 for power (the center one) I think.

A common resistor is not Ohmic, and Ohm's Law is just a rule of thumb. There are lots of sources on the internet that will explain how to do "Logic-Level Translation" using resistors, but It can be a lot of frustration for a new electronics hobbyist if they can't get it to work, or damage their hardware etc.

If you are thinking of using a voltage divider to drop 5V to 3.3V, forget it. As soon as you connect a load to the divider, you change the dividing ratio and therefore the voltage. Use a proper power converter, ie.linear voltage regulator or buck regulator.

The power pins on the level converter must be supplied external to the converter, those pins do not supply power.

What if I use something like the one attached to this post?
There is 5v input → 12k resistor → 3.3v output → 22k resistor → Ground

One more time, you cannot use a voltage divider to supply power. See. here

One more time, you cannot use a voltage divider to supply power. See. here

Also, here, a tutorial and inexpensive translation module, open source, with schematic.

I give up.

There is no need for signal level conversion with the NRF24L01, it has 5 volt tolerant I/O but you must supply it with 3.3 volts. The board shown, available on eBay for $1 US is an easy solution for adding the NRF24 radio to a board like an Uno or Nano as it provides a proper 5V to 3.3V regulator, bypass caps and a socket for the module. Easy, simple, cheap.

Do you want to use a resistor divider to convert the 5V to 3.3V to supply your NRF?

that's not practical because by a voltage divider you limit the current also, or if you use low-value resistors, you put your supply at pressure, because it will be an extra load!

if you want to convert a signal (I/O line), actually it depends on the signal direction. you can use a Mosfet or even yes a resistor divider or a Zener diode.

Thanks you! The adapter came with the Radio Module