Convert .brd to other formats

Hey, does anybody know how to convert .brd files to .jpg or any other simpler format which could be opened easier on any PC??
Please explain :slight_smile:

Download Eagle:

i have eagle already :
I dont have printer. In order to print layout i must get a print from others. If my file was .jpg or .bmp it would be easier to mail them.

alt-PrntScrn copies the current screen to the clip board
open paint
ctrl-v pastes the clipboard
save as <>

or file::export::image

As mmcp42 suggested, you can Export it as a PNG image, which can be opened by just about any image viewer, including a web browser. You can export the full board, or just the part you are zoomed in to on screen.

You can also print as PDF.

Or do CAM output as postscript. Which is likely to be the most accurate.
(Though, EAGLE does do a very good job of "printing" actual size board layouts.)

You can also print as PDF.

This is only valid if they have a PDF print driver installed. I always assume the very minimum, meaning someone might not have that.

This is only valid if they have a PDF print driver installed.

EAGLE has PDF output generation in its "print" command whether or not you have one of the special PDF print drivers installed, if that's what you meant. Postscript too (separate from the Postscript CAM generation I mentioned before, apparently.)

Being able to print the resulting .pdf file is more common.