Convert class into library

Hello guys,
I am new to C/C++ and also to arduino, so I am asking you for help. I created a class in the .ino file and it works just fine, but I struggle with conveting it into a library.
My class looks like this. Timer_test1.ino
My failing attempt to turn it into a library is in these files. Timery.h and Timery.cpp
when I try to use the library in a sketch it gives me compile error pQ not defined in this scope right at the beginning oc the .cpp

bool Timery::Q() {
return pQ;

I am sure it'll be some stupid detail, but I just cannot figure out what.

Timer_test1.ino (2.63 KB)

Timery.h (1.25 KB)

Timery.cpp (2.49 KB)

timer_lib_test.ino (292 Bytes)

Your code and library compile for me once I delete the extra } at the end of Timery.cpp

Are you sure that you uploaded the correct files ?

Thank you UKHeliBOB,
it seems to compile OK now.