convert eagle files to solid model?

Does anyone know of a tool that will convert an eagle design to a solid model useful in tools like SolidEdge?

I found one that converts the PCB to a solid model, but I'm looking for something more like the 3D renderer that will also create all the components as part of the solid model. The idea is to have the actual populated board as part of the model when designing the enclosure.


If you want 3d renders search for Eagle 3d render, there are lost of 3d libs for the most commom parts and POV ray tracers.

I don't want a 3D render, I want a 3D solid model. If, for example, you're designing an enclosure for a board, a full solid model of the board would be useful for ensuring that the board will fit in the space you've designed for it, by creating a solid model assembly containing both the enclosure and the board, and letting the software do its thing and look for interference.


Funny I ask yesterday, and today on hack-a-day there's this:


kg4wsv: Funny I ask yesterday, and today on hack-a-day there's this:

I been using this with DesignSpark PCB to convert DesignSparks PCB IDF output into a format Google SketchUp can import. At the moment it just gives you a simple "skyscraper" 3D model, but even this is useful for checking for space clashes when you come to integrate your PCB design into a mechanical design.