Convert image of a conventional analog (PSI) gauge to digital

I’ve seen reference to resources that permit one to use the video input of an analog gauge and converts it to a digital representation of same.

IOW, a video stream of an analog gauge is converted to digital output.

The result is the ability to train a cheap ‘camera’ (CCD?) on any analog gauge and get text-based output (digital) of whatever the gauge is currently displaying.

I’m hoping someone can point me to the best starting point for such a technique. And alas, in this case, ‘me’ = someone not yet initiated into the ways the Arduino.


This is not a project suited to the Arduino. Most Arduino's cannot handle images yet alone process them.

Your going to need a system powerful enough to handle computer vision so something like the raspberry pi is going to be your minimum.
A quick google search shows a hackaday project from 2016 but it is very light on details.